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Linguistic Consulting

In a globalized world successful businesses and enterprises, governments and agencies, scientific and cultural institutions  require the effective use and application of your own and many foreign languages.

  • Languages have always been a key element and a strategic asset of cultural, political, business sales and marketing communications. The timely availability of needed information may be the only decisive edge you have on your competitors. 

The information age has produced various language technologies which offer a host of possibilities to cope with natural language and multilingual understanding problems.

  • Mobile communications and automatic information processing, text retrieval, text mining, document archiving and many other knowledge processing techniques make use of highly sophisticated linguistic algorithms and linguistic tools to enhance the timely availability of information.

Finding the right solution, chosing the most efficient system, employing the most adequate experts and guiding you through the complex world of research, technology and professional natural language applications is our mission.


  • Our services include a wide variety of support and consulting activities ranging from classical linguistic support, e.g. translation and interpreting, to the installation and implementation of modern multilingual translation, knowledge retrieval, language processing and support systems.

    A vast international network of proficient experts is available for you!

Without understanding - no information

Without information - no knowledge

Without knowledge - nothing !